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CylTech II Welding Supply SoftwareIn today's tough economic times, it is more important than ever to sell as much as you can, as efficiently as you can and with as much profit as possible. And that is exactly what DataWeld's flagship product, CylTech II, does. For almost thirty years, DataWeld has been fine tuning and enhancing CylTech II to help the welding supply distributor get the most ‘bang for the buck'.

Increasing Your Profits
CylTech II's powerful customer specific pricing module makes sure you get the maximum profit possible every time you sell a product. You get the capability to set the price for a customer in a number of different ways and be confident that every time you sell that item your profit is right where you want it to be. Accurate pricing and increased profits are what you get with CylTech II.
Increase Your Rental Income
With over thirty years of experience working with compressed gas distributors, DataWeld has developed cylinder tracking software that will give you the capabilities to increase accuracy of your cylinder records, spot potential problems, reduce cylinder discrepancy meetings all while increasing your cylinder rental income. You reduce headaches and increase income all at the same time.
Welding Supply SoftwareReducing Your Costs
Why make the printing companies rich when you can print email or fax all of your statements, cylinder rental invoices? No envelopes, no paper, no postage and no labor! You not only save money, you protect the environment by going green.
Streamline Your Inventory
DataWeld's powerful new purchasing system will make you think you had a team of professional buyers on staff. Try to buy something you have too much of and you get a polite reminder that you have too much on hand already. Try to buy something you can no longer get from the manufacturer and you are reminded that it is no longer available. CylTech II makes purchasing easy and efficient.
Let The Customer Do The Work
Today's culture is online. It is "Let me do it.” And that is exactly the options you get with DataWeld's e-commerce solutions. Your customers can go online, view regular invoices, view cylinder rental invoices, even pay their bill online. With DataWeld's Internet shopping cart your customers can enter their own orders 24-7. Your customers can order at their convenience and you save time and money by not having to enter the order into your system manually.

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