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workstations and serversWorkstations and Servers
When you are ready to upgrade your computer system, DataWeld can provide you with the complete solution to fit your needs. PC's and servers from leading companies such as Dell can be packaged with any of DataWeld's software packages to provide you with one stop shopping for your computing needs.

Regardless of the configuration you install, you can be assured that you will have nationwide on-site support for your hardware, should you ever need it. Your first call is always to DataWeld where your assigned support representative will help determine whether the problem is hardware or software. In many cases the problem can be resolved without ever dispatching an engineer. If an on-site visit from a field engineer is required to solve your problem, one will be dispatched and your DataWeld support representative works with the engineer until your problem is 100% resolved.

Handheld Computers
DataWeld offers two families of computers depending upon your unique requirements. Both handheld computers are ruggedized and both are proven in field use. The handheld you ultimately choose to install will depend upon your application, your current as well as future requirements and your environment. A complete analysis of your needs will help to identify which handheld is best solution for you.

Psion Workabout Pro -- flexible and rugged
Therugged handhelds Psion Workabout Pro represents a flexible yet rugged handheld computer. Its "do-it-yourself" upgradeability makes it an ideal choice for customers with ever changing requirements. Because of its superior flexibility and durability, the Workabout Pro has proven successful in a variety of market applications including Field Service, Courier / Delivery, Asset Tracking, Meter Reading, Ticketing, Retail, Warehousing, and Manufacturing.

DataWeld uses the Workabout Pro in several distributor specific applications. The Workabout Pro is the desired handheld if you want to track your assets with RFID tags & transponders since it offers a built-in RFID reader. With the wireless option installed physical counts can be taken with count transactions going immediately to the server. Applications such as picking orders take advantage of the wireless network access to guide you through the process of pulling orders and insuring the correct items are selected.

The second generation Workabout Pro is more rugged and feature-rich than previous versions. The Generation 2 Workabout Pro enables you to significantly change the wireless handheld devices in the field, as your work requirements evolve over time.

The Workabout Pro supports a variety of field installable expansion modules including scanners, imagers, RFID modules, Wireless LAN (WLAN) Wireless WAN (WWAN) radios, and more.

The Workabout Pro can function as your data capture device and your cellular phone, allowing your mobile workers to call customers, upload route maps, and send data back to office headquarters - all with only one mobile device.

The Workabout Pro takes advantage of the powerful Windows Mobile operating system to offer the ultimate in flexibility to meet the specific needs of your software solution. The Workabout Pro withstands 26 drops from five feet to polished concrete, and shock and vibration consistent with mounting in a truck or a forklift. It includes an IP65 rating, protecting it against dust and water sprayed from all directions. The full VGA color display provides improved graphics capability, allowing your field workers to see finer details in maps or schematics in most lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

The Workabout Pro is built on the concept of providing an industrial tool that doesn't need to be replaced or thrown away the minute new requirements emerge. It is designed to operate in tough environments, with ever changing requirements and new technology always around the corner. The Workabout Pro adapts quickly and easily to your evolving business needs.

Psion Neo - Pocket Dynamorugged handhelds
You need smaller, lighter data collection tools. But you wonít compromise on power or functionality; now you donít have to. NEO proves that exceptionally good things come in small packages. Its compact size (it weighs just over 275 g) coupled with a raft of features makes it perfect for the mobile workforce. Stock checking, inventory tracking, light warehouse duty, or full on in-store retail. NEO takes them all on.
It Doesnít Mess Around
NEO may be small but donít be fooled. Itís unbelievably rugged. This means itís never out of action. And productivity never dips.This lean machine can withstand being dropped from 1.2 meters to polished concrete. Twenty-six times over (it could take more). It packs an IP rating of 54,so you donít have to worry about dust or moisture. And it can operate in extreme conditions: from -10įC to +50įC(14įF to 122įF). Plus, a ten-hour battery life means it lasts the whole shift.

Striking Ergonomics
Neo puts the worker at the heart of the design. Thatís why NEO just feels right. Itís bright, high-resolution color display is angled towards the user. This makes it a dream to use Ė unlike the frustrating Ďscan, tilt and squintí action of other devices. And just feel the weight. Or lack of it. The stylish NEO tips the scales at under 10oz.

Neo Canít Stop Cramming
You wanted it, so Neo has given it to you. NEO is Windows®-based and integrates with loads of advanced data capture and communications functions. WLAN and Bluetooth® connectivity Ė check. VoIP, IM and texting functionality, so youíre never out of touch Ė thatís here too. And thereís no need to fear the future. NEO can easily be expanded to incorporate new technologies, like RFID, as and when your apps demand it.

Choices, Choices
Different apps have different requirements. NEO supports them all Ėitís available with 48-key alphanumeric or 26-key numeric keyboards.

Janam's XP Family of Rugged Computers
rugged handheldsJanam offers a family of value priced yet rugged handheld computers. The XP30, as an example, is the world's first fully-featured rugged mobile computer that scans bar codes and runs the latest version of the Palm OS. A brilliant, color, quarter-VGA display and blazing Freescale© architecture make the XP30 a best-of-breed, rugged, bar code scanning, mobile computer, while its list price makes it impossible to ignore. For customers who want to extend the reach and capability of their mobile Palm applications, the XP30 has the horsepower to execute mission-critical, data collection tasks at the point of business activity. And for customers who are ready to switch to the Palm OS for its simplicity and its durability, the XP30 is a platform that pays for itself twice as fast as comparable devices.

If your application demands a Windows operating system, then Janam's XM65 is the answer. The XM 65 is a Windows Mobile device that brings together power, performance and price advantage like no other in its class. Small, light and fully rugged, the XM65 is the mobile computer that workers will want to use. Advanced bar code scanning, robust WLAN communication and long battery life make it the Windows Mobile solution that businesses will prefer. And its remarkably low price makes it easy to own.

The XM65 is best-in-class, weighing less than 10 ounces and featuring the Freescaleɫ MX21 processor, 64MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND and a user accessible mini-SD card slot as well as a color, quarter-VGA display, back lit numeric keypad, WLAN and Bluetooth. The XM65 also meets IP54 sealing requirements and withstands multiple 4'/1.2m drops to concrete across a wide temperature range.

DataWeld uses the Janam handheld computers for cylinder tracking, order processing in the field and inventory management. The Janam XP/XM family of rugged handheld computers is an ideal solution when price, performance and size are important to you.


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