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Survey Questions
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General Questions
List the main reason why you need an electronic order processing system.
How many customers do you have?
Do any of your customers inventory your products?
If yes, how many of your customers have tool cribs or supply cabinets?
How many total line items do you stock in inventory?
How many branch locations do you have?
What type of internet connection do you have?
Do you have a wide area network connecting your branch locations?
What system are you using to manage your accounting functions?
What methods do you use to sell your products?
Truck drivers takeorders
Salesmen take orders
Customers call in orders to a central order desk
Who currently enters the orders into your computer system?
Branch Managers
A Clerical Person
Other, please specify:
How much time is spent daily entering orders?
Truck Sales
How many of your trucks take orders in the field?
How many inventory items does the average truck stock?
Do you have a pre-defined inventory that each truck stocks?
Do you want to maintain reorder points for the trucks?
Is your inventory currently barcoded?
On average, how many customers does each truck service?
How many invoices does the average driver process each month?
Do your truck drivers deliver orders that have been previously called in?
Do your drivers stay away from the office overnight?
If yes, how often do you want the orders taken by the salesman processed?
Do your truck drivers sell merchandise out of their truck inventory?
Whst percentage of your orders are called in and then delivered?
What percentage of orders are taken at customer sites?
Do you want drivers to collect money?
Do you want to give the customer a priced, extended, and taxed invoice?
Outside Sales People
How many salesmen do you have that take orders in the field?
How many customers are assigned to each salesman?
Do your salespeople prepare quotes for customers?    Yes
Do your salespeople carry printed customer price list with them?    Yes
Do your salespeople carry Inventory list with them?    Yes
On average, how many orders does each salesperson process in a month?
Do your salespeople stay out overnight?    Yes
If yes, how often do you want orders processed?
When the driver returns
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