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What is the name of you current accounting/enterprise system?
What type of internet connection do you have?
Are you currently tracking cylinders?
If you answered yes, which option best describes your method of tracking?
How many cylinders do you plan to track?
Ho many cylinder customers do you have?
How many sales orders each day have cylinder transactions?
Do you sell hazardous gas
Do you ship to distributors who ship to distributors or end users?
Do you have customers or distributors that would like to track cylinders?
Charging for the Use of Cylinders
Do you charge rental or demurrage on cylinders?
If yes, do you want AcuTrax to calculate th rental or demurrage for you?
How many rental or demurrage invoices do you send out each month?
Do you charge deposits on cylinders?
Do you track customer owned cylinders?
Do you rent cylinders from other companies?
If yes, approximately how many cylinders do you rent from other companies?
Delivery of Cylinders
What is your most common method of delivery?
How many trucks do you own that deliver cylinders?
How many cylinders do your trucks carry on average?
Are you required to print a maifest?
Do you want the driver to give the customer a receipt?
How do you ship cylinders?
If you use pallets, how many of your cylinders are shiped using pallets?
How many trucks will you be loading/unloading at one time?
Filling Cylinders
Do you fill cylinders?
Do you fill cylinders for other companies?
Do you want to track cylinders during the filling process?
Do you own cylinders that must be tested periodically?
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