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Dataweld's Solutions

Cloud Based Computing

cloud computing saves your company time and money by never having to worry about upgrades again
DataWeld's Cloud Computing solutions offer you freedom to focus on you business needs and not your computing system. In simple terms, you rent the computing power you need. When you need a little, you rent a little. When you need a lot, you rent a lot. You no longer have to worry about how much computing power you need. You rent what you need knowing it is easy to grow your computing capacity. Increasing the power and storage capacity of your server is as easy as a phone call.

Pay Invoices Online

let your customers pay invoices online
DataWeld's Online Electronic Payment Processing system provides your customers with the capability to go online anytime they want to make a payment or retrieve a copy of an invoice. Powered by the X-Charge web based payment processor, customer payments can be made anytime, any place, regardless of whether or not your store is open.

Multi-Level Cylinder Tracking

multi level cylinder tracking helps to improve efficiency and cut cost
DataWeld's Multi-Level Cylinder Tracking gives you the ability to know where your cylinder assets are at all times. Tracking cylinders usually involves shipping the cylinder to the consumer and then returning it. But distributors, packagers, and manufacturers often have a more complex network to deal with. That's why DataWeld's asset tracking software, AcuTrax, gives you the unique capability to track your cylinder assets through multiple levels of the distribution process.

Emailing Invoices

DataWeld's Email Software Package gives you the capability to simplify your life by saving you time and reducing you costs. Emailing your daily invoices, cylinder rental invoices, and monthly statements eliminates the drudgery of printing, folding, and stuffing them in envelopes. Plus, you don't have to spend time putting postage on the envelopes and mailing them.



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